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Wildcat Automotive has proudly delivered fantastic auto repair in Tucson Arizona since 1995. We feel that our customers deserve the best experience when trusting their vehicle to us for repairs, no matter what the vehicle requires. By striving for no less than absolute satisfaction, we have won over a loyal customer base in our area that and has no shame proclaiming their refusal to take their vehicle anywhere else.

affiliations-vAs a family owned business, we have the unique ability to make the customer our priority. Many other chain run auto repair shops in Tucson simply don’t have this luxury, nor do they care about the individuals that they serve. We have always felt that the best way to ensure our customers satisfaction is to take their needs seriously. Never suggesting a repair that isn’t necessary is just one way that we respect your individual situation. Though we will alert you to an issues existence, we will never go ahead on a repair that isn’t approved by you personally.

We understand that your vehicle is far more than just your mode of transportation. For many people, being without a vehicle even for a short time means the inability to fulfill their responsibilities and can affect everything from their jobs to their family life. this is why we take our turnaround time seriously, we will also do our best to make sure that you can get to where you absolutely need to be, either with a loaner vehicle, or by getting you there ourselves.

Our technicians are highly trained professionals with credentials from ASE. This means that no matter what vehicle we are working on, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to get the job done right, the first time. Our advice... go with a professional. Beware of "shade tree" mechanics who will promise to perform the repairs for a fraction of the fair price, and afterwards a whole new set of problems arise or the same issues have worsened. This kind of behavior is what gives professional mechanics a bad reputation.

Our approach is one of respect for your dignity and for your vehicle. Our staff has been instructed to treat every customer with the same attitude that they treat us, after all, we see the customer as the top of the chain of command.

We invite you to inspect the shop for yourself at your leisure; even if you are not need our services immediately, it’s always a good thing to decide now if we are the shop for you. Our staff is there to help you in any way we can.

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